From October 2013

Everyday Usability in Japan (Part 1)

While I design software for a living, it’s often the design of everyday physical objects which intrigues me the most. From ticket machines to toilets, every time I travel somewhere for the first time it always fascinates me to see the various way people have solved the same problems – for better or worse. Read more

A Decade of Randomwire

It’s hard to believe that its been exactly 10 years since I made my first post to Randomwire while I was still at university in 2003. Back then the word ‘blog’ had only just been minted and WordPress was still in its infancy (also recently celebrating its 10th anniversary). Read more

Northern Kamakura

Back in 2012 I spent a day exploring western, central and eastern Kamakura (鎌倉市), a small town one hour south of Tokyo, jammed full of temples and shrines. In August this year I returned, this time to explore the northern reaches around Kita-Kamakura Station (北鎌倉駅). Read more

Could you live without…?

I used to joke that my old apartment in Hong Kong was like an art gallery without any art, such were the sparse indicators that anyone actually lived there. A little sad perhaps but it wasn’t entirely unintentional.

Art Gallery or Apartment?

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