From October 2005

Living for the Weekend

It’s been another busy weekend here in the capitol (or technically just outside it) with the only relaxation being that the clocks shifted back an hour this morning giving us an extra hour in bed! This isn’t to say it was bad, in fact it was a lot of fun 🙂

On my travels yesterday afternoon in the centre of town I briefly wandered into Tate Modern (again) to take a look at their latest commissioned piece – 14,000 plastic boxes piled up as a reflection on… a cardboard box the artist found in her mothers house. Yes folks, this is art.

(c) Someone else

I do like to bash contemporary/modern art, but on this occasion I’ll leave it to someone else:

“Saw her & her TERRIBLE Turbine Hall piece on The Culture Show last night. She’s pompous and stupid… always a winning combination in the Art World. Honestly even the pseuds on the telly were arching their eyebrows at the sugar cube icebergs, a slight idea realised in epic proportions; yep, another Tate comission.”

The only positive side of this is that when it is dismantled next year the whole thing will be ground down and recycled.

Lord of War

Yesterday night I saw Lord of War at the cinema, and not really knowing anything about it beforehand I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a retrospective on the life of a highly successful and cunning illegal arms dealer who is forced to confront the morality of his work. Whilst you might imagine this is just trying to make a political statement it cleverly steers clear of this and yet still delivers a smart, complex story about violence, corruption, and the essence of warfare. Highly recommended (8/10).

Finally… what happens when you launch 250,000 multi-coloured bouncy-balls down a hill in San Francisco? You end up with a cool Sony TV commercial (like no other TM)!

Sony Advert

Sony Advert

I noticed this yesterday while having a browse in the local Sony Centre but at first thought it must have been done with CG. Amazingly thought this is all real! Check out the official site where you can download the commercial and marvel at its ingenuity!

Hampton Court Deer

So another week passes and a new one is just beginning, at least it’s not Monday yet! In an act that must almost equate to masochism we got the bikes out first thing this morning and went for a cycle ride down in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. Even though it was on the freezing side of cold it turned out to actually be pretty nice.

There was plenty to see along the route and I took my camera to capture some of it! Of note were the deer which roam the grounds of the palace making menacing noises at visitors and each other 🙂

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Out of the Loop

I’m afraid I’ve been out of the loop again blog-wise these past few days, simply haven’t had the time to stay up to date with things these days. The good news is that this week we *finally* got broadband in the house I’m lodging in (upgraded from 64k ISDN) which is going to make life a whole lot easier! I’m at my parents home again for the weekend helping them prepare for their house move. This has basically involved putting together a tonne of flat-pack furniture from instructions which look more like hieroglyphics than anything you could use to put together a bookcase! At least it’s all looking quite nice.

It was cool to watch the Chinese blast their two-man rocket into orbit earlier in the week especially considering the technology involved was more cold-war rather than 2005 (they used a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, developed in the 1960s).

Chinese Space Rocket

Chinese Space Rocket

Does this hail the beginning of a new space race? I doubt it as neither China, Russia nor the US can really afford one right now with everything else that’s been going on in the world but it’s exciting to see some new life to space exploration. However, how much of this is about real science and how much is political is a matter of debate!

Stereo Future

Things have not been so good recently. I fell ill with Flu last Thursday and spent most of my time in bed until yesterday having managed to drag myself to work but feeling a good deal less than 100% Hopefully this should improve over the next few days, right now it’s just no fun! I don’t mean to complain but the past month has really been horrendous, had way to many things to juggle and right now its not easing up. I somehow imagine this, along with traveling on London transport each day, was partly responsible for me getting ill (I haven’t been so bad in about 4 years). 🙁

The downtime did give me the opportunity to catch up on some reading (the dead tree variety), listened to some podcasts and watched some films & TV (Lost Season 2 anyone…?!). Not that I don’t do any of this anyway but at least had a valid excuse! If you’re into the whole podcast thing then I would thoroughly recommend ‘Earth Core‘ which is a cool sci-fi/action/adventure novel (not suitable for children).

As for the title… Google will answer all your questions! Starts out good, goes downhill rather soon!