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Things have not been so good recently. I fell ill with Flu last Thursday and spent most of my time in bed until yesterday having managed to drag myself to work but feeling a good deal less than 100% Hopefully this should improve over the next few days, right now it’s just no fun! I don’t mean to complain but the past month has really been horrendous, had way to many things to juggle and right now its not easing up. I somehow imagine this, along with traveling on London transport each day, was partly responsible for me getting ill (I haven’t been so bad in about 4 years). 🙁

The downtime did give me the opportunity to catch up on some reading (the dead tree variety), listened to some podcasts and watched some films & TV (Lost Season 2 anyone…?!). Not that I don’t do any of this anyway but at least had a valid excuse! If you’re into the whole podcast thing then I would thoroughly recommend ‘Earth Core‘ which is a cool sci-fi/action/adventure novel (not suitable for children).

As for the title… Google will answer all your questions! Starts out good, goes downhill rather soon!

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