Year Three

2 down, 1 to go – Another year of University draws to a close and yet I barely feel like I’ve started yet, it seems that as you get older time moves faster! Today I registered for the modules which I’ll take next year. I’m actually technically changing from doing a pure ‘Computer Science’ degree to ‘Software Engineering’, mainly because SE is more interesting and involves less formal maths than CS. If you’re interested the modules I’ve chosen are as follows:

  • Advanced Software Engineering (Double)
  • Advanced Software Applications and Methods
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering Project (Double)

Luckily with these modules there’s a much higher coursework content than in the last two years which to my mind is infinitely preferable!


For those in the know today marks the final stable release of ‘Slackware 10‘, get ISO bit-torrents here. I’ll probably be installing it either tomorrow or over the weekend time permitting. It a shame it doesn’t come with the newer 2.6 kernel as default but it is included as a test package for those with the inclination. I’ve been running it since the beginning of the year and have found it to be and excellent upgrade, its just as stable and even faster than 2.4 so it hopefully won’t be long until it goes mainstream. Take a look here for an interesting potted history of Slackware.

That’s all for now, I’m off home for the summer on Saturday so the web site may experience a short period of down-time around then but I plan to transfer the whole thing over to the Norwich server as a back-up while that happens.

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