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In Tune

Today marked the release of my sisters’ first choral album. OK, so it isn’t exclusively hers but she’s in the choir! What really sets this little number apart from your general church-type music is the title which is just sensationally good – “In Tune with Heaven”. Whoever thought that one up must have graduated from the school of cheese!

In Tune

Its been produced by “Lammas Records” and can be ordered off their website. Go buy it now! There are 17 tracks in all on the CD and overall it’s not bad.

In Tune

My sister is on the top row of girls right in the middle, I was going to include a bigger picture but I think she might kill me if I did!

Btw… I’m back in Norwich now for the summer. The server move seemed to go OK, please drop me a note if you notice anything astray!


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