What Would You Change?

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By the looks of this picture sent to me today randomwire.com continues to increase in popularity and gain new audiences 🙂

Over the past 6 years, the site has transitioned from my daily musings about university and foreign films (circa 2004) to life in London and technology (2005 – 2007) to coverage of my adventures in China and East Asia. With more focus has come a larger audience which has motivated me to continue at a frequency of about 2 posts per week (time permitting). It’s something I enjoy a lot and although I have never attempted to make any money out of it (nor do I have any plans to) I have been thinking about what people enjoy the most and whether I should focus further on a particular area or keep things as they are now?

Whether you’re a long-term reader or a new visitor I’d appreciate your feedback in the poll/comments section below.

Thanks for your feedback!

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3 responses

  1. Hey D,I clicked all of them,haha,coz I think your website is very nice,even sometimes I have no idea what you are talking about as my limited knowledge.it seems it becomes to a habit that read your posts.I think the feeling is fantastic if one day you get old,and you read your old posts again,hahha.Jia you:)

    1. Hey R, thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you enjoy it despite the language barrier. Probably by the time I retire I’ll have enough content to read the site back for the rest of my life! Even today if you read one post every day it would take you more than 2 years to read! Xiexie 🙂

  2. So now you know how much you owe me?haha,time is money,hahahahahaXD


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