Wan shang hao

Yet again the Christmas term is slowly drawing to a close and everyone is getting themselves sorted for the mass exodus from Durham around Wednesday this week. I for one will be pleased to be finished for the year (formally at least) as the past few weeks have been one big uphill battle involving much sleep deprivation and scratching of heads. Ironically enough I start my holiday job on Friday which will mean getting up at 6am and not getting back home until around 6pm so no rest for the wicked!

This weekend has been pretty good, the highlights in a nutshell being Chinese soup & pizza (yum), Weird anime, NetMeeting/GnomeMeeting (very cool) and the classic Die Hard. Of course this was all rounded off nicely with a smattering of work!

Here a few more cool design-type links I’ve come across recently:

While you’re at it also check out the new ‘Google Suggest‘ feature which searches as you type in real time – pretty handy actually. It never ceases to amaze me the stuff they come up with.

…and now for something completely different:

Optical Illusion
Can you count the number of black spots?

Wo hen gao xing. Zai jian 😉

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