Wan Chai Skyline At Night

A friend of mine has an apartment in Hong Kong with an amazing rooftop terrace which looks out over the Wan Chai (灣仔) district. Having first seen it during the day I had to come back in the evening to take some pictures of the skyline.

Nightfall Over Wanchai

Wanchai is a curious area with a mixture of old and new buildings nestling side by side. The thick density of the buildings and even some of the architectural styles reminded me strongly of New York – Chung Wui Mansion in the centre of the pic above looks a bit like the Flatiron building.


Gazing down at the streets below is mesmerising.

Glowing Streets

Even at only 23 stories high the people and cars look like ants, the shop lights illuminating the arteries of the city.

Happy Valley

In the distance, the Happy Valley (跑馬地) can be seen (where a racecourse of the same name is located).

Purple Haze

On the top of the building in the foreground of this picture, a bed can be seen sitting out in the open – quite what it’s doing there is a mystery! Theories are divided over whether it’s just been thrown out by a lazy owner or if someone enjoys sleeping there during the summer 😀

Cliff Face

I have to apologise for the slowness of updates again – I have been very busy with work. I’m just about to fly off for a week in Atlanta, USA and then another in South Korea – lots of updates once I’m back (I promise!).

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6 responses

  1. Nice view. Hong Kong has the most beautiful skyline in the world, but not sure I could live there. I prefer Taipei much more, it’s full of completely unique neighborhoods, for me living here it’s like a never ending adventure 🙂

    1. Yeah, Taipei is fascinating but architecturally a bit flat (with one big giant 101 exception). Hong Kong is much denser and more crowded but still has some interesting neighbourhoods, especially on the Kowloon side.

  2. Nice view. I have a friend living in Wan Chai as well, the view is just stunning 🙂

    What I like there is that there are both residential and commercial buildings as well as bars and restaurants around, very dynamic and lively.

    Looking forward to your updates 😀

  3. No relation to SH/Shenzhen’s Happy Valley? http://goo.gl/jR59t I can’t see anything 😛

  4. Marc avatar

    Beautiful colours and textures, many cityscapes look so much more dramatic and dimensional at night. The lights cut through the smog too!

    Gridiron ? = Flatiron building in Manhattan

    1. Good spot Marc, have updated the post with the right name! Luckily it was a nice clear night.


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