I’m back from Shanghai with lots of posts on the way (super busy city with some amazing architecture) but just stumbled across these wonderful re-imagining’s of Seoul, Tokyo and New York‘s subway systems by Korean designer Zero per Zero which also doubles as a calendar somehow (via JeanSnow). I love this stuff.

Check out what happens when you mouse over the cute logo on their site also (0 / 0).

I have got to buy one of these for my apartment but not sure whether to go for the Seoul or Tokyo designs. Hope they ship to China!


  1. Aku says:

    Works of art! How I wish they actually made maps like these for the stations. No more bored commuters.

  2. David says:

    Yeah, I could stare at these things all day. I love map design like this, probably should have studied cartography instead of comp. sci!

  3. Railway Maps says:

    Indeed, beautiful complex maps. But once printed out, these are very difficult to read… So back to good old computerized maps…

    I have been to Tokyo and it’s got such a complex metro & JR line system that I got dizzy just looking at the scheme.

    Once I got lost in northern Tokyo because there are 2 stations with a similar name “Hibarigaoka” and “Hikarigaoka” 😀 I was shaking with laughter when I found out that there were 2 such stations!

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