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I’m back from Shanghai with lots of posts on the way (a super busy city with some amazing architecture) but just stumbled across these wonderful re-imaginings of Seoul, Tokyo and New York‘s subway systems by Korean designer Zero per Zero which also doubles as a calendar somehow (via JeanSnow). I love this stuff.

Check out what happens when you mouse over the cute logo on their site also (0 / 0).

I have got to buy one of these for my apartment but not sure whether to go for the Seoul or Tokyo designs. Hope they ship to China!

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  1. Works of art! How I wish they actually made maps like these for the stations. No more bored commuters.

  2. Yeah, I could stare at these things all day. I love map design like this, probably should have studied cartography instead of comp. sci!

  3. Indeed, beautiful complex maps. But once printed out, these are very difficult to read… So back to good old computerized maps…

    I have been to Tokyo and it’s got such a complex metro & JR line system that I got dizzy just looking at the scheme.

    Once I got lost in northern Tokyo because there are 2 stations with a similar name “Hibarigaoka” and “Hikarigaoka” 😀 I was shaking with laughter when I found out that there were 2 such stations!

  4. Following on from last comment, just wanted to say that these beautiful maps are available in various sizes for most locations from our online shop… as Posters they are amazing, especially Tokyo, NY and now London


    also do nice selection of planners/notebooks for these maps which are so nice its hard to use them!


    See what you think.

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