To Hell (and back)


The past week has been exhausting, to say the least. If there’s one thing you can guarantee about London is that when the tube is busy you’re in for a trip which could probably be likened to the journey to hell (NDE not required)! I even defined a condition people get from underground travel – ‘Tube Lung‘.

When you go to hell and back twice daily I’m sure everyone conditions their mind to automatically coil in on itself to try and block out the truly awful state of being jam-packed in an airless coffin with a bunch of equally lifeless zombies all vying for their own cubic foot of real estate. Yes, another day in paradise.

When it all gets this bad what do you think we English do about it? Nothing. We just get on with it with minimal fuss and, like the weather, it’s always a favourite topic of conversation! Typical.

Oh well, better than missing the last train home

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  1. Creep, set in the London Underground, check out the last link to see what I mean!

    Small talk… hmm… passes the time I guess and yes, *inclusive*.

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    Hehehe, there speaks a man who loves his train journey 😛

    I love the picture! Where's it from? (and if it's one you took yourself I shall have to be rather worried about your proximity to such events ^_^). I like the British topics of conversation though – people think it's weird, but it's all about shared experience. Talking about the weather etc. may seem mundane but it's very inclusive and easy for all people.

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    Tom Fairweather

    I hate the tube. Especially when it stops for extended periods between stations. 100 foot below, and unable to escape is horrible. I think they should fund elevated moving walk / cycleways for 2012.


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