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Well I meant to post last Sunday but I blinked and suddenly it’s Thursday… role on Friday! The previous Saturday was of course Guy Fawkes Night in the UK and I went to see and excellent display in Ravenscourt Park which greatly outshone last years valiant efforts in Durham. I would have taken some photos figured in the end that it would be more fun to watch them than to squint through the viewfinder!

Modern Architecture

On a completely unrelated note check out this great Japanese blog which showcases modern/contemporary architecture around the world. Some really interesting designs here, some good, some not so good. Knowledge of Japanese not required! [via A Daily Dose]

And for the really bored (or exceptionally curious)… Ever wondered what’s beneath your feet when you’re walking around? If so take a peek at London Topological and New York Underground for a wander into the murky underworld of our streets!

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  1. Oh, I have not joined in the activity held for Bonfire Night last year in Durham. But I recalled the wonderful firework and new year celebration in Edinburge Carnival at the end of last year. Unfortunately, an unhappy car crash happened several days before that and the new car of my friend was sent to the garage for repair at the new year. Hopefully, I can enjoy the carnival in London at the end of this year.

  2. Yeah the New Year celebrations should be pretty cool also!

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