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Tokyo Shorts – Gokoku-ji Temple

One of the things I enjoy doing in Tokyo is browsing Google Maps for the Buddhist swastika symbol (卐) – not to be confused with the Nazi version – which show where temples and shrines are located. Since many of them can be hidden away down small streets and alleys it’s a great way to explore the neighbourhood. Read more

Getting Lost in Haruki Murakami’s ‘Town of Cats’

Book reviews are not usually my thing, but having recently finished Haruki Murakami’s epic three-volume novel, 1Q84, events conspired which were a little too coincidental to pass over. For those unfamiliar with Murakami’s work, he is one of Japan’s most famous authors whose work is humorous and surreal, often focusing on themes of alienation and loneliness. Many of his novels focus on the mundane lives of ordinary people who are suddenly catapulted into deranged circumstances. Read more

Bangkok Day 3 Morning: Yaowarat & Phahurat

After being forced to rub shoulders with much of Bangkok’s tourist population the previous day I decided to change tracks and headed to the multicultural district of Yaowarat and Phahurat (เยาวราชและพาหุรัด) which is home to sizeable Chinese and Indian communities. Filled with narrow alleyways and street markets, what the neighbourhoods lack in grandiose attractions, is made up for with local character aplenty. Read more

Macau Photo Walk – Part 3

Once you get away from the touristy side of Macau (see Parts 1 & 2) there are some great back streets full of thriving traditional communities which look like they date back some considerable time. With camera in hand I ventured inside the labyrinth of narrow alleyways to explore how some of the locals live. Read more