Sushi Surprise


Last night we made sushi! Personally I had never even eaten sushi, let alone made it so it was a double first for me! Out able teacher/supervisor Kanako showed us how to do it. The actual preparation turned out to be more fiddly that the actual production of the sushi which in itself is quite simple. A blow-by-blow description here would be a bit pointless considering the number of sites on the net which do a much better job!


As for the sushi itself – I found it pretty tasty. We used raw salmon for the fish element which I guess is fairly harmless and tame compared with the weird and exotic that you might expect. As with all things it comes in a wide range of varieties and even has its own vocabulary. We made sushi rolls known as Norimaki (correct me if I’ve got this wrong). If I can do it, anyone can so go try it now!

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