South Bank

It’s been a bit of a slow weekend with some pretty terrible weather to compliment it. In between heavy rain and thunderstorms, I ventured out to the Global Cities exhibition at Tate Modern which despite not really being “art” per se was actually quite good and informative. It looks at the changing faces of ten international cities, exploring each based on speed, size, density, diversity and form. Well worth a visit, if not in person then online.

Take Off

The magnificent London Millennium Bridge leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral, formally known as the “Wobbly Bridge” before the spoil-sports retrofitted energy dissipating dampers.

This is not a photo opportunity

Looks like the work of a certain Banksy (near Borough Market) – artist, vandal, or activist? I’ll let you decide!


In the UK you can be given an Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO) for being a social nuisance. I know a few people I wouldn’t mind awarding one 😉

If you can't read this you are too damn close to China

That’s all for now… as ever more photos in my Flickr stream – sorry to readers in China, the CCP is blocking Flickr image servers so I’m afraid you may not be able to see much. However, if you’re feeling rebellious you could try this.

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  1. Nice weather, or at least the picture looks good because of it.

  2. Looks can be deceiving, in the top photo you can see dark clouds rolling in. A few minutes later is was raining cats dogs 🙂

  3. I have a fan club ??? About Pakistan, well you must be getting all sorts of news from Pakistan.

    Work has been really tough lately, pretty long and late hours, apparently that is a hidden responsibility of a Track Lead :). So how is [company name removed], heard they had some good openings :). Talk to u later.


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