Never let it be said that I am not a trend setter in all aspects of life, in fact when it comes to clothes I consider my wardrobe to be the *hight* of fashion. With this in mind I decided to take a leaf out the latest in couture from South Korea: behold the Sheep Head (literal translation), otherwise known as the “Princess Leia towel doo”.

Sheep Head 양머리

For those who don’t speak Korean:

  1. Fold towel length-ways 3 times
  2. Fold the ends over themselves until secure
  3. Turn over and find opening
  4. Pull opening apart till head sized
  5. Place on head (your face may or may-not blur as show!)

Walking down the street will never feel the same again, warm ears and a dry head are just some of the benefits of having a Sheep Head. Worn as an every-day accessory by both young and old this is the essential 2007 look, heading from a republic peninsular to your head shortly. You heard it hear first!

I’m wearing mine right now, are you?! Reader submissions of self-portraits always welcome (although NO cutsie babies or animals please!!).

*sarcasm implied


  1. 이해영 says:

    hi David.

    i want to see ur photo of sheep head. haha

    if u feel depress, make it this.

    definetly u will smile and happy. *^^*

    good luck with u.


  2. David says:

    Thanks Hae Young!

    Unfortunately all pictures of myself are strictly classified and may only be obtained by those with high enough security clearance 😉

  3. Haute-Diva says:

    Thanks so much for showing this tutorial! Been searching high and low for it and finally found out it's called Sheep's head ;p

  4. Illia says:

    hahaha i finally found a tutorial on this sheep head. i saw it on… happy together [that talk show where they talk with bowls and sing in saunas]

    im wearing one right now and i feel so COOL hahahah!!

    thank you =D
    [someone should make a youtube tutorial on this XD]

  5. anon says:

    How long is the towel usually? Because my towels are pretty big and it doesn’t look good when I try it on ==’

  6. kresty says:

    Haii ennoi …
    Gamshamnida nee~
    Thanks for help me make this pillowsheep…

    Just for information, I’m wearing right now
    Hahahahhaa ξ\(ˇ▼ˇ)/ξ

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