Goodbye UK (Hello China)

Well it’s been in the pipeline on and off for a good few months now but finally, it’s confirmed; in around 10 days time I’ll be moving to Beijing for a few months to work on a project for my company!! I can’t say how excited and nervous about this but I’m really looking forward to the challenge. The next week is going to be a crazy scrabble to prepare everything, I already have a list as long as my arm to take care of!

Update (24/1): I’ll be leaving the UK this Sunday 28th, arriving in Beijing Monday morning. The office I’ll be working at is in the “Zhongguancun” region known as the Silicon Valley of China, northeast Beijing. Whilst I’m planning on posting here as often as possible things might be quiet for a couple of weeks whilst I acclimatise to the local conditions!

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    Historic Site of China is worth coming!
    Have a good trip!

  2. Wow, well done old bean! You kept that quiet, or was it a last minute thing (as they often are)?

    Congrats anyway!

  3. Ushi avatar

    *points at Tom* He's still advertising!

  4. *points at ushi* I bet you were always the kid who told on other kids.

  5. Come on you to, no fighting around here!

    To answer a previous question: it was supposed to happen at the end of last year but got canceled. I only found it was back on last Friday!


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