You would have thought that going back to college for the new year would be a simple matter of shoving all your gear in the car and trundling off to wherever you went but oh no St. Chad’s college have to make things difficult by enforcing a rule that you can only return mid-week unless your a fresher. This is causing unnecessary hassle for me as my parents can’t get time off work to give me a lift so I’m trying to formulate another plan. Do I:

  • Go up the previous weekend, dump my stuff in my room (they’ve ‘kindly’ conceded to let me do that) and then either forget to give the key back (hehe), squat in my friends loft for a few days or go home and then come back the following Tuesday.
  • Go up by train on the Tuesday with whatever I can carry and then await my parent to bring the rest up the following weekend.
  • Something else…

Answers on a postcard to “What a waste of time, 10 Stupid Rules, Life’s Too Short, NOP O1NT.” or just comment below!

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