This week has not been particularly good for Randomwire – on Tuesday Apache mysteriously died at around 5pm and no amount of fiddling around could get it to work properly again, even after multiple reinstalls. On closer inspection I noticed some suspicious activity in the ftp access logs and it appears someone may have exploited the ProFTP daemon and had a little *fun* with my system – that will teach me for not checking the security advisories more often! Luckily little damage was done and I was able to get the server back up to a running state in just under two hours – thank goodness for backups! Currently all non-critical services are blocked remotely and will be so until I’ve had time to check everything is properly secured.

On a more pleasant note, the implementation phase of SEG is just about over. After some hassle with RGB > CMYK conversion I’ve printed off the poster for the trade fair next week which should be fun. Take a look at the finished poster here. I’m about ready to collapse with tiredness now so I think some sleep is in order!


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