Poverty Hypocrisy

Well my final exam (hopefully ever) is over and now I’m basically free until September when I start work. The exam, which was on Computer Graphics and Distributed Computing, went quite well considering how much I was dreading it. I’m planning quite a lot of things planned on the web front, which aside from being updated a lot more frequently, will also undergo a redesign sometime in the near future. I also hope to update the photo gallery which isn’t really very well integrated or organised.

Tomorrow I’m off for a day trip to Edinburgh which about two hours away from Durham. I’ve been meaning to go for a while but figured it was a sort of a now-or-never situation as I wont be living up north much longer. I’ve heard it’s very nice so hopefully I’ll have a few photos to post up sometime in the next couple of days.

Classic story I saw today – apparently the ‘Make Poverty History‘ wristbands that all the rich kids have been wearing as a fashion accessory recently are in fact produced in forced “slave labour” sweatshops in China. Whilst I’m sure this wasn’t intentional you can’t really emphasise the ironic nature of this revelation. Frankly I find it disgusting that people turn good intentions into simply a way of placating their guilt over the injustices which we, as the west, have brought about (be it directly or indirectly). I wonder what the reaction of someone in a country blighted by poverty would be to those wandering in clothes which cost more than they make in a year and a then to see a wristband proclaiming what it does? I think you already know the answer.

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