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It had to happen one day… I’m pleased to say that I’ve been offered a job which I applied for a while back and yesterday accepted! From September (after I graduate [hopefully!]) I will be working for an IT consultancy firm based in London (with offices around the world) as a “Technology Associate” which is basically a consultant/developer. It’s all pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to new challenges ahead! Hopefully things shouldn’t change much around here but something tells me I won’t have so much time to update.

…the student days are nearly over!

Japanese Horror

It was good to see an article today in The Times (page 14-15, T2) which echoed my previous comments on Hollywood’s vandalisation of Japanese cinema through remakes. Although I cannot stand to watch them, apparently they have actually helped boost DVD sales of the origionals which is no bad thing but I still can’t help wishing this had never began. I just hope the slow-rot doesn’t spread back to Japan and ruin what’s left there of a unique culture.

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  1. Congrats on the job David. Welcome to the real world.


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    Hmm, I know you aren't a Kurosawa fan however I do remember being very annoyed with one change in The Magnificent Seven (adapted from Seven Samurai). Through out both films there is a romantic relationship between the youngest saumurai/cowboy and a girl from the village. In the end of Seven Samurai the girl goes onto reject (well more completely ignore him) upon which the other samurai comments on how they will never be accepted by a society even if they save it. In the Magnificent Seven the girl and the young guy get together yet there is still the comment about lack of acceptance. This really spoils the whole point of the comment and therefore really annoyed me. In general other than Star Wars (watch Hidden Fortress) films made based on an earlier film are nowhere near as good as the original whether they are adpations of old Hollywood films or foreign cinema.

    Japanese films seem to have a unique element to them that I don't quite understand. When you watch something like Ring 0 or other titles that I won't name there is something about them that you see as being a product of Japan. I think the way the characters behave in Japanese films is different from the way they do in Western films and therefore some of the behaviour of characters in the adaption of the Ring seemed wrong for the setting however this may just be judging too much on other Hollywood films.


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