My trip to the Houses of Parliament today was excellent and it was a very interesting experience to have a look inside and see what the press gets up to there.

Big Ben from the entrance to Westminster tube station.

As was to be expected the security was pretty heavy. There were airport-style x-ray scanners and I was frisked immediately after I went through the door. The building itself is as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside. I’d loved to have taken some pictures to post up here but unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed inside and I didn’t feel like incurring the wrath of Black Rod!

St. Stephen’s Entrance: From here on in no photography is allowed.

As you can imagine with all the attention on the goings on there this week the place was buzzing with talk about the security in the building. Whilst I was waiting in the main lobby to be shown in I spoke to a security guard there who was obviously fairly annoyed about the whole situation and didn’t sound at all keen about the prospect of the changes which will undoubtedly occur as a consequence.

Peace protesters

Opposite the main entrance was an encampment of die-hard peace protesters who were obviously there for the duration. Their protest was a lot more calm compared to that of the hunters earlier in the week though!

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