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Nothing much to report from the last couple of days, work is busy as ever so I’m very much looking forward to going on holiday next week to Italy. I’ll be staying somewhere on the Amalfi Coast (described as ‘Europe’s Most Beautiful Stretch of Coast’) which is apparently quite close to Pompeii & Vesuvius which looks pretty interesting. Apparently it’s usually quite hot over there at this time of year (!) so I’ve been preparing myself by getting some new cloths more in line with the climate! With this in mind there probably won’t be any posts next week but expect a pile of new pictures when I get back.


As you may have probably heard parts of Google experienced a short period of downtime this week due to a massive hit from the MyDoom.O virus – it must have takes some serious traffic to partially take out one of the most powerful distributed computers in the world. As well as Google, Lycos, AltaVista and Yahoo were bombarded with requests until they could not cope showing that the technology has some fairly serious flaws when it comes to protection against this new sort of attack. As ever the worm only affected Windows systems but not Linux or Mac computers! Over the last couple of days at work we’ve seen a couple of machines infected with the virus and are just hoping that it doesn’t spread otherwise it could potentially take out the entire network fairly quickly!

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