I’ve been back up in Durham for the past few days. The weather here has been very hot this weekend and yesterday saw the annual Miners Festival come to the cricket ground right next to where I’m staying. To call it loud would be an understatement – this was serious noise pollution! Seeing as there wasn’t much else to do with this level of disruption we thought we’d go and take a look. There was the usual blend of fun-fair tack, socialist renegades and anti-everything groups all basically making a mess of the pitch. Obviously though my views were in the minority on this occasion as there were literally thousands of people in Durham clogging the place up.

There was one particularly fearsome (and dangerous!) looking ride there appropriately named “Oblivion” which you could describe as being a human food blender! I took a few pics:




In the evening I cooked lasagna for a few friends which turned out pretty well after which we went for a walk along the river only to be met by a sea of litter stretching up to the bank with only one poor man in attendance to clear it up.


How people think it’s acceptable to make this sort of mess is beyond me.

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    In general people are lazy, if there are no nearby bins they throw it on the floor. Also once one person has thrown things on the floor the place is no longer tidy and you feel less guilty about making a mess of what is already messy. It is a shame they made such a mess but not surprising I am more surprised they didn't have more people litter picking. Littering picking isn't actually that bad once you get past the 'yuck' factor and in general the litter at these events is only drinks bottles and food wrapping so nothing too bad. I think you are being over cynical about everything it sounds like it was fun.

  2. Maybe but I just don't like people making a mess of such a beautiful place like Durham – It's just uncivilised and vulga!


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