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No Photos Please!

As a foreigner in China, it’s not unusual to get stopped by people wanting to take your photo (especially outside big cities or at tourist attractions). This is OK the first few times but does get increasingly tiresome, especially when you don’t like having your photo taken in the first place. A friend of mine was recently looking for a way to deter said snappers so I put together a quick T-shirt design for her:

Effective, language-neutral and to the point I think! At the weekend I got the T-shirt printed at a small shop in Dongmen and below is the result in action with one of my former creations also –


I took this pic at a photo exhibition I was presenting at yesterday evening (more on this soon) and it certainly seemed to turn a few heads! Nice to have a few fans also 😉

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    1. Serena says:

      hahaha,i would like to be ur first customer. But i prefer the design of a little dinosaur on the T-shirt with the narration:I come from Zigong~~~

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