Na-qoy-qatsi: (nah koy’ kahtsee)

Continuing with my season of unusual films I thought I might reflect on a trilogy of films which date back to before I was even born but which has only just concluded. The “Qatsi” trilogy began in 1975 and was the brain child of Godfrey Reggio, for a good potted history see here. First came “Koyaanisqatsi” (Life Out of Balance), then came “Powaqqatsi” (Life in Transition), and most recently “Naqoyqatsi” (Life as War – 2003) which I saw a couple of days ago.


By now you may be wondering what on earth I’m on about, but I’ll leave it up to the description off the site to explain:

“A motion picture experience beyond words, NAQOYQATSI merges the power of image and music to plunge into the heart of the hyperaccelerated, globally wired 21st century. Mesmerizing images plucked from everyday reality, then visually altered with state-of-the-art digital techniques, stream across the screen in synch with a hypnotic score by Philip Glass, featuring the passionate cello work of Yo-Yo Ma. Despite the film’s nonverbal nature, the ultimate effect of its starkly futuristic, computer-enhanced visual fabric is to get people talking about how technology is altering everything: media, art, entertainment, sports, politics, medicine, warfare, ethics, nature, culture and the very face of the human future.”


The films can only really be described as work’s of art. Their mesmerizing visuals are almost hypnotic and combined with a stunning soundtrack its a pretty incredible experience. The philosophy and ethic’s contained withing the pieces are so understated yet striking as a whole – this film really makes you think about society with all its flaws. A must watch film for anyone with an inquiring mind.

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