Migrating South

Things are really busy at home right now. I’m currently getting ready to move to London this Saturday (3rd) to start my new job next Monday (5th) – scary but exciting! Added to this I’ve got a million and one loose ends to sort out before this which isn’t leaving much in the way of free time.

Once I move to London I will not have a fast net connection to begin with so wont be on MSN regularly for a few weeks I expect. If you need to get in contact please email my Gmail address and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I hope I’ll be able to keep up with things on the website but I doubt I’ll be able to post so regularly in the near future (for obvious reasons).

Google Purge
Google executives oversee the first stage of Google Purge.

Sorry for the lack of actual ‘content’ in this post today but take a look at this hilarious article about Google announcing its plans to destroy all information it can’t index!! I shouldn’t worry to soon though – it’s already been estimated that it will take approximately 300 years to index the worlds entire information… 😉

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