For some reason todays Dilbert strip struck a cord with me – perhaps it has something to do with the Project Management course I’m taking?!


Unfortunately, even with my relatively small experience of the workplace, Dilbert is all to realistic – it’s a little wonder that anything ever gets done in business & industry considering the way some managers work! When it comes to my position as technical manager for one lucky SEG team this year I actually plan to baffle my team with multi-leveled buzzwords and other nonsense just as a little experiment to see if they actually accept it! If they do then my worst fears about humanity will be proved true 😉

Nothing else to report this week really but I should hopefully have some interesting content for the weekend conditions permitting etc.

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    It is more a question of whether people would have the confidence to question you. In my lecture nobody will answer questions even if the answer is written on the board for fear of looking stupid. It takes a brave person to publicly ask what on earth you are talking about.

  2. Very true – luckily my group will only be about 5 people big/small so hopefully they wont be to scared to ask questions. If they are then I'll be going into dictator mode again!

  3. Uhm, in the real business world (I've been working as a software developer for seven years now) if you don't use that stupid buzzwords you're not “interesting”. I mean, the lack of skills of lots of people seem to be covered by the use of these stupid words.

    I usually tend to think that if a person use too many buzzwords…. he's not very skillful (and probably very dangerous!).


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