Kyoto Moments

2022 has been the year we finally left the house and resumed more regular travel though between COVID, war, and climate breakdown it has felt anything but normal. China and Japan are still closed to international travellers, you can no longer fly over Russia, and the heat wave in Europe is an ominous omen for the future.

On a more positive note, it felt great to get away to new and familiar places as well as to see much missed family and friends. Domestically in Japan, we’ve been also been blessed with being able to visit places like Kyoto sans the usual throngs of tourists.

Garden of Fine Arts Kyoto (京都府立陶板名画の庭)
Kyoto International Community House (京都市国際交流会館)

The experience of travelling this year has me and many others questioning the sustainability of long-distance travel. It has left me more than ever wanting to find somewhere I can call “home” for the long haul.

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    Wonderful photos … love Japan.


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