Kite Flying at Night in Shanghai

Walk through any park at the weekend in China and you’re more than likely to find groups of people flying wonderfully decorated kites high in the sky. This isn’t a pastime just for kids though, and as I found out in Shanghai a few weeks ago, aficionados of the sport have taken it a step further…

Bridge Illuminations

On my way to South Park (南园) I passed over an interesting bridge which had a road on top for cars and a walkway beneath for pedestrians and bicycles.

Dead Stick Figure

This unlucky stick man seems to have been involved in a serious accident.

Bridge Underbelly

Lit up in burning neon colours the bridge looked pretty cool at night, but beyond it was an even more fascinating sight – hundreds of shimmering lights, arranged in different patterns, suspended on invisible lines in the sky (sadly I didn’t get a good shot).

Kite @ Night

Close up it turned out that people had attached small LED lights to their kites allowing them to fly at night!

LED Kite

If you want to give it a try yourself you can find kits and pre-built LED kits from Alibaba. I wonder if this will take off elsewhere?

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