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I Want My Life Back

If you don’t know what this means then you probably don’t have the problem (via).

The biggest time suck in my digital life right now is Twitter which has a tenancy to get worse with the more people you follow (and the more you are followed). While my inbox is usually manageable my Google Reader subscriptions (100 of them) also have the ability to sap my attention with endless interesting articles to read and follow up. Where it will end I don’t know…

During quiet moments I daydream about being a caveman.

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  1. Aku says:

    I know what it means, but I don’t have the problem. Stare in awe at your new leader. :p

    My tips for maintaining manageable information intake:
    – Ditch Facebook altogether. Everything you can do there, you can do through email or Twitter. Really, I very much doubt you’ll miss it.
    – Take Twitter as flowing information that you dip into, not as an always-on thing.
    – Be insanely selective about feeds you subscribe to. You don’t need to subscribe to everything. The people on twitter who do will tell you about it.

    1. David says:

      Good tips Aku. Completely agree about being selective about what feeds you subscribe to. I periodically review my twitter stream and those which don’t really interest me I unfollow. Also agree about dipping into it – if I left Twitter on all day I’d never get any work done! Not sure I could ditch Facebook quite yet but its certainly not the most important piece of my “social network”.

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