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Continuing on from my previous posts here’s a collection of pseudo-random shots from my Hong Kong trip last weekend starting with a shot from the waterfront on the Avenue of Stars looking towards Hong Kong Island and the amazing vista of skyscrapers which line the shore. Later I’ll stitch all the photos together into a panorama. It’s quite a sureal sight for a newcomer to the city.


On the tram… they travel so close together you could almost reach out and shake the hand of the person in the one infront! Travelling by tram is a great way to see the island, costs next to nothing ($2 HKD per trip), and has a certain charm to it compared with the bus or MTR.


Weirdly enough there’s a whole market dedicated to the sale of goldfish on Tung Choi StreetMong Kok. Presumably with such tight living space a goldfish makes a perfect pet!


Godzilla takes on a new appearance for the 21st Century in down town Admiralty, much more appealing!

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