Hasta La Vista

Windows Vista

Something which Microsoft never seemed to have learnt is that if you build on bad foundations what you end up with is never very satisfactory and inherits all of the problems of its predecessor. So it is with Windows Vista (Beta 2). Microsoft’s “next generation” OS is so bad it’s painful to watch (let alone use!) and it’s already three years late. All the amazing features announced when development begun have vanished (to difficult even for them apparently) and what you’re left with is a prettied up version of XP with more annoying security prompts. It’s a real disappointment to see something which could have been good turn out to be complete rubbish. Even when Microsoft tries to copy features from other OS’s they make a mess of it and what you end up with is a system which feels like its been hurriedly cobbled together from a load of disjoint components.

If you want a cutting edge OS get a Mac, if you can’t afford one install Ubuntu Linux on your existing system, believe me both are leaps and bounds beyond this.

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  1. A Mac would be my dream… one of the PowerPC type ^_^ maybe, but it's too expensive for my poor flight attendant pockets! Nevertheless, I'm more than just happy with my Slackware powered notebook and planning on finding the way to buy another one cheap to play with more Linux on it! 😉

  2. hehe, Linux doesn't have to be geeky anymore which is why I recommended Ubuntu. Seriously, it's easier to install than Windows and its feature set is pretty impressive. I would strongly recommend you try it. If you wanna get into the serious stuff then it's still there but you don't need to be an expert anymore!

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    Meh. How soon until the patches come out?

    I've never used a Mac in my life. Though they look pretty (yes stone the girl whose only comment on Macs is 'ooh pretty') As for Linux – As much as I like Linux, the number of blasted instructions you have to remember to do anything does your head in. Linux is a tool for those who actually know how to use it well (basically geeks no offence Curson ;-)).

    I'm unimpressed with the capabilities added to Vista. Sounds like its going to add complexity to the system which means more of a chance of it breaking down ever so often.

    Furthermore, what kinda of name is Vista?

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    seriously?! Hmmmm….maybe. We'll see. maybe i'll try, but that means messing around with my laptop, and thats a pain.


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