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Hamburgers at Noon

Lumix LX3 on Lumix LX3

I just got back from spending a couple of days in Hong Kong where I went to take a breather from the mainland. While I was there I spotted this rather large ad for my new camera (Lumix LX3) which I thought was cool. In the picture, it’s shown with a number of accessories available (lenses, viewfinder, filters…). I don’t have any yet but I like the fact that it’s been given this sort of flexibility to be expanded and customised unlike most on the market. It’s a great camera as I think the photo proves.

So Good...

Having Chinese food day in, day out gets a bit much sometimes so as well as the usual cornucopia of delights on offer food-wise in Hong Kong I also treated myself to some devilishly good burgers located with the help of the World’s Greatest Hamburger Blog (their words not mine!). So bad, yet so good 😀


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