Fox Hunt

The rah’s were out in force yesterday, defending their right to chase innocent animals around on horseback until they collapse with exhaustion at which point they get ripped to pieces by trained dogs. A nice ‘sport’ for such a rarefied section of society don’t you think? Members of the so called ‘Countryside Alliance‘ descended on the Houses of Parliament yesterday to have a strop over their barbaric little past time being banned and started a riot against the police. Some even managed to break into the House of Commons, and all for what?

Pity they didn’t set the dogs on them…

Something their ranks are obviously lacking is intelligence. When the clear majority decide something is wrong it is justly outlawed, hence we no longer have the death penalty or allow slavery etc. Peaceful protest is one thing but the spread of anarchy is another, for once it was good to see the police taking a firm hand in the situation.


Although I believe that it should be the people who control the government and not the government who control the people it is clear in this situation that this practice should have been stopped a long time ago and is one of the last hangovers from our history. This is not to say that tradition is bad but that needless cruelty is wrong.

And people say inner-city yobs are a problem…

One of the reasons I’ve brought this up is that I’m off to the Houses of Parliament tomorrow for work to install a new printer in the ‘Press Gallery’!! I’m pretty excited at getting the chance to have a look inside the place but am secretly a bit sorry that I missed all the fun and games that have been going on there recently! I’ll post a full report either tomorrow or on Saturday (assuming they let me in [and out for that matter]!).

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