European Trip

Unfortunately, this will be my last post for about a week because I’m off on holiday tomorrow for a little trip through central Europe! It’s going to be a busy week as we plan to take in London, Paris, Venice and Rome including a trip to Disneyland! For the curious (and my own edification) here’s a little graphic of where we’re going and a small itinerary:

European Holiday

I’ve personally never been to Venice or Rome so it’s going to be an exciting trip I hope. I don’t know a word of Italian which should make things even more interesting! I’ve loaded up with over 3GBs worth of memory for my camera so should take a fair few pictures along the way which I’ll upload here when I get back. Last year I borrowed a Blackberry to post updates but no such luck this time – if you need to get in contact with me tough luck! See you on the other side 🙂

Incidentally, I’m 20+1 years old today. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! (Note the ironic hint here).

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  1. Should have asked, could have loaned you a BlackBerry again 😉

    Happy Birfday David.

    Enjoy the trip.

  2. Aidan avatar

    Hi! Sounds like an awesome trip…you must post photos when you get back. 3 gb is a lot. I was gonna post to see how you were and ask some advice on a computer matters. Incidentally, when does your job begin?

    Happy Birthday also!


  3. secretsmile avatar

    Happy belated Birthday.

  4. Thanks for all the birthday greetings – much appreciated!! I just got back from Rome and am now trying to catch up with things – a week seems a long time to be disconnected from the wired world! More soon…

  5. Really a nice trip plan!!!
    hope it was nice and fun.
    I'm italian and completly in love with Venice (even if a live in Milan), i just hope Italian trains didn't break your timetable too bad, they used to be late.

    Ok, i'll go back reading your blog, bye! 😉


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