Election Night

So it’s election night here in the UK – whist’s the outcome is pretty much certain there have been unexpected upsets before so you never quite know what will happen in the next few hours. I went to vote at about 1pm and was a bit surprised to find the poling station unexpectedly quite considering it was lunchtime and you might have imagined that people would have come to vote on the lunch break but who knows…!

I have to give a presentation for my Project Management course today. I did it on the topic of “Conflict Management” – it went OK I think, I didn’t much enjoy doing it but it seemed fairly well received!

Talk about dumbing down – a classic case of “re-branding” has taken place with the ‘University of Durham’ metamorphosing into ‘Durham University – confused? So you should be! The rather absurd reasoning behind it is modernisation or perhaps more of an Americanisation? To be honest the new logo looks far less professional than the old one but that’s progress for you!

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