Bit of a mish-mash of stuff today – lots has caught my eye this week!:

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Unfortunately (depending on your view) my election prediction was wrong, but it wasn’t far out! I think from an Englishman’s point of view it’s difficult to comment on who would or wouldn’t make a better president but I certainly don’t think that Bush’s record is much to be pleased about. I think most of the international community were hoping for a change of leadership but now will have to put up with an even more over-inflated egotistical war-mongering world dictator (if you think I’m being to harsh please comment below). I wish we could say differently about our leaders over here to!

Saw on the news today that Microsoft have won a £500m nine year contract to supply software to the NHS (National Health Service), only a week after the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) reported that Linux was a “viable desktop alternative for the majority of government users”. It’s nice to know that our health systems will be running on an operating system that is about as reliable as umbrella with holes in it! Yet another example of big-business muscling out the competition even when it’s shown to be better and cheaper.

Went to another graduate employers talk last night (think petroleum) which was quite interesting. The event was a bit different from some of the others I’ve been to as there was quite a lot of interactivity and discussion in groups. I found it particularly funny to be talking about logistics, procurement and finance as a Software Engineering student – just shows you can bluff your way through anything with a bit of common sense! One of the benefits of going to these things is the surprising quality of the free food which is usually on offer – especially handy when you’ve missed college dinner!


In the wake of watching ‘Super Size Me‘ a while back I decreed to never grace the golden arches of McDonald’s ever again, not that I actually ever did very often but I was just too grossed-out to ever do so again. I think this guys experience would typify what is expected of a McMeal but if this is the case why do people go back for more??? To my mind it just doesn’t make logical sense, their food doesn’t taste of much, it will make you fat and unhealthy – the choice seems simple to me. What made me laugh the most was the ‘Corporate Responsibility Report‘ on their website – classic stuff.

Word of the week: Discombobulated – To throw into a state of confusion. E.g. “the hecklers pelted the discombobulated speaker with anything that came to hand”. hehe – a word one on my lecturers came out with this week!

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