Tienanmen Square

Well I’ve arrived in one piece just about – first impressions: WOW. Beijing is on a scale unlike I’ve ever seen before. The buildings are big, brash and there are thousands more being built everywere you look. The streets are alive with activity and hopefully once I’ve got my brain in gear it should all make a bit more sense! Time for some sleep before the real fun starts tomorrow…

P.s. Both Google.com and BBC News are blocked from the hotel connection I’m using. Consider me living under media blackout!


  1. Jessie says:

    Hey, finally you are in Beijing!

    I've only been there once which was almost ten years ago. I guess I can't imagine how grand the city is now. I hope I'll get the chance to go there soon.

    Enjoy your life in China!!!

  2. Tom F says:

    Have you tried http://www.the-cloak.com ? Click on surf!, and at the top click to change it to https mode, then all of your requests and responses are encrypted and proxied through them. They have a free limited use amount per day, or you can buy credit.

    Might work from your hotel, you never know. I've analysed my network traffic using Ethereal and it does what it says on the tin.

  3. David says:

    Yeah, and I only get CNN/BBC World *Asia* on the TV, i.e. censored version!

    Gmail works luckily but anything under google.com is out. Wikipedia alos a no-go. Strangely google.co.uk still works.

  4. Ushi says:

    Oh no! How are you going to survive without the bbc news???

    Glad that they let you view this site though. Does that mean you can't access your gmail account?

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