Newcastle China Town

As I promised here are a few more pictures from the oriental side of Newcastle (more of a street than an end really!), specifically ‘Wing Hong Chinese Supermarket’ where you can find a variety of weird and wonderful things which I doubt you’ll find in Sainsbury’s any time soon!

China Town
One of many shops in Newcastle’s China Town but probably the only one worth having a look around if you’re not Chinese!

China Town
Behold a variety of different ‘Hello Kitty‘ branded pasta – this is one fad which doesn’t look likely to end any time soon! This said I find the thought of eating cat-shaped macaroni rather disturbing!

China Town
Hell Money – according to sources this is burned as an offering when you die. Apparently, its name was a bit of a mistake as those who called it so thought ‘Hell’ meant ‘afterlife’ in English! (In case you were wondering, no I don’t have blue fingernails – it’s not my hand!).

China Town
I spotted this in a window of a health shop nearby – it begs the question of whether ‘Slim Tea’ is actually any thinner than your average cup, and how exactly does that work?! What I especially like are the photo testimonials of people who have hair regeneration therapy just below the sign and happy people who have lost weight just above it!

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  1. Yes, I guess “China Town” encompases both Chinese, Japanese, Korean Thai goods…

  2. hoyoyo avatar

    Seems not “China” at all…that Kitty-food is made in Japan, what a pity!

  3. hoyoyo avatar

    Then why not call it “Asia Town”?
    Actually I'm a chinese, I think the town is far away from a real China Town.

  4. Yeah it would be a good idea but for some reason these places are always called China Town – perhaps it's because there are usually proportionally more Chinese people living there than other – i.e. it's a generalisation or just a tradition in the UK

  5. Keith M avatar
    Keith M

    I do not see why you can call it Asia Town because any thing that is identified as Asia (e.g. Sky TV just for one) is all about India. You can get about ten + channels classed as Asian and they are all Indian. There is only one channel for Chinese speaking Asians and one English speaking Chinese channel.
    My wife is Chinese.

  6. Marcus avatar

    Wing Hong Chinese Supermarket is a WELL KNOWN Chinese Supermarket in the Town. Did you believe? For you information, anything you wish to buy (include all kinds of Asian food) I can assure you can get it here! Is a worth shop to visit for local residents and Asian students ! If you have a chance to come to this unique China Town in Newcastle. Just drop by and have a look! Cheers

  7. Sarah avatar

    I love this superstore going today in fact! and china town in Newcastle is a range of different stores such as Japanese there is even a Japanese superstore, the products shown here are not the only ones you can buy, they also sell a lot of Chinese/ Japanese food and beverages. This is truly an amazing store, the products normally sell on online stores like eBay for £11 when in store they are 30p, for things such as Chinese noodles etc.

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for your comment – I’m glad to see that place is still there – it was 6 years ago I last visited!

    2. Rosa avatar

      what is the japanese food store called?

      1. Shazna avatar

        Japanese store is called ‘7 Days’ on St Andrew Street

  8. lortay avatar

    I love china town in newcastle it’s amazing and there’s many other chinese, japanese, korean and thai shops dotted all around the city

    (“7 days” is deffo one of my fave shops in newcastle <3 get all my stuff to make sushi in there! ^_^)

  9. do they sell japan cosmetic product?are those things selling in Newcastle cheap?


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