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Last night I co-hosted the company annual dinner (as the token foreigner). Like the previous one it was a pretty big occasion with over 500 employees crammed into a massive banquet hall to enjoy three hours of variety shows,  eating and drinking. Talking in front of such a large crowd for the first time was pretty nerve wracking but it seemed to go OK and the audience got a laugh out my pigeon-Mandarin attempts.

Company Annual Dinner

I hadn’t noticed untill yesterday just how much taller I am compared to the average Chinese person here! You can guess which I am in the top picture but at 5’10” (178cm) I’m not exactly a giant either. Suprisingly the average Chinese male is 5’8″ (172cm) compared the the average US male who is 5’9″ (175cm) – not a huge difference and apparently the gap is fast closing.

In case your wondering the strange looking face masks are to the protect the identity of the innocent, Laughing Man style!

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  1. echo says:

    Others couldn’t notice that it was your first time to speak in front of so many people, because you really did a great job last night.Fantastic!

  2. David says:

    Yeah, you’re definitely not anthropomorphically designed for China!

    Where I work there’s a sign on the stairs which reads “Meet Carefully” – what it should have actually said is “Low Ceiling – Mind Your Head” but by the time you’ve worked out what it means it’s too late!

    Still, better tall than short…

  3. clarke says:

    which you can understand why I have an aching back whenever I’m in China, as I’m 6’4″. Though it does make it quite easy to move through the crowds.

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