Beyond the Grave

Here’s a news story and a half:

“A man who was shot by police after kidnapping two children and then shipped off to be cremated was found to be alive by funeral workers who heard him groan. Zhang Kailin, 36, was shot at point-blank range and fell to the ground from a five-storey window ledge after a tense two-hour standoff at a school in central Hebei province, the Beijing Daily Messenger said. He had taken two children hostage and demanded ransom before police moved in.”

Cop Shooting Kidnapper
Chinese Cop Shoots Kidnapper

You don’t get pictures like this in the media over here very often. It makes you wonder to what extent what we see on the news is censored and whether or not this is a good thing always. The translation of the original Chinese article is really something else – they obviously have no qualms about it, and here I was thinking that China was still a communist country! For more info on the story see here.

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