Aerial View

I spent most of today in the car traveling to and from St. Alban’s (near London) to fix a laptop for an executive. In the process of looking up where I was going I found a really cool new feature on which allows you to see very accurate aerial views of the map your looking at.

Aerial Map
Circle indicates approximate location of my former residence in Durham.

When you hover you cursor over the map it displays a translucent image of the corresponding map for that area. Goodness knows how they’ve managed to do it but the map appears to match up with the geography the area exactly. Now there’s nothing stopping you looking into the back garden of whoever you like!!

In other news… The next release of Gnome (2.8) will be heading our way very soon and it looking very good. It sports a new MIME system, better application integration, an enhanced GUI and my favorite, Vino – an inbuilt VNC server. The final product should be released on September 15th if all goes to plan.

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