A Symphony of Lights

Every night at 8 pm in Hong Kong the buildings along the Victoria Harbour waterfront are illuminated in a vibrant light show known as “A Symphony of Lights“. Even without this novel spectacle, there is nowhere else in the world where you can see such an astounding scene of the same magnitude. I never get bored of gazing out over the water to the endless line of twinkling skyscrapers clinging to the edge of Hong Kong Island which appears so calm yet is a hive of activity for its 7 million inhabitants.


There is something truly magical about this city which conceptually lies between East and West, torn by its turbulent history and aspirations for the future. Perhaps my Britishness and its colonial roots are what draw me here but every time I cross over from mainland China into the SAR I can’t help but feel that it’s a special place and a testament to human accomplishment.

The best place to see the show is along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront between the Avenue of Stars and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The view from Victoria Peak is also spectacular but best seen on a clear day/night.

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    Those are great pictures. My favorite part of visiting Hong Kong was looking at the skyline in Central at night. It is a really cool city.

    1. Thanks Matt, hopefully next time I go there’ll be a clear sky then the pics should be even better.

  2. Great photos. I too like Hong Kong, but feel guilty about it. I can help but think, “Here is a city built by addicting another nation to narcotics, all in the name of trade and money.”

    The superiority (and disdain) Hong Kong residents show towards their mainland cousins is distressing. You’re superior because you were conquered and subjugated by a colonial power?

    My geo-political ramblings aside, it is a great city. Much to see and do. The mix of east and west make it a target rich environment for photographers.

    1. I have to agree with you about the guilty feeling, especially being a Brit myself, although in our defence I think we were a much better colonial power than some others which have effected China (i.e. Japan). I somehow imagine if I were Hong Konger that I’d have mixed feeling about my mainland neighbours also given the way in which they were forced back into a awkward unity with each other in 1997. I suppose in China’s defence it’s good that so far they’ve kept interference to a minimum although I doubt that will last forever.

      The “Hong Kong Museum of History” is really worth a visit if you haven’t already been there. It displays things in a pretty fair and even way.



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