From February 2010

Aberdeen Harbor High-Rise

I spent last weekend in Hong Kong and had a chance to visit Aberdeen Harbor again which is on the south-western side of the island. As with so many places in Hong Kong it’s a dense mix of high-rise apartments packed closely against the shore. Read more

CNY 2010 Fireworks in Shenzhen

Last night the streets of Shenzhen were filled with the sight, sound, and unmistakable aroma of millions of fireworks being set off by people across the city as China saw in the Year of the Tiger with a bang. As with many activities here, the more noise, the more luck it’s supposed to bring. Shortly before midnight I took to the streets with my camera to capture the action (while trying to avoid getting my head blown off): Read more

Break Free This Spring Festival

While in the west it may be Valentines day, February 14th over here marks the end of the Year of the Ox and begins the Year of the Tiger. Once again Chinese New Year is upon us and the great masses are shifting around the country on their way homeward for a well earned break. Trains will be packed and prices inflated. Firecrackers will be burnt and many multitudes of dumplings will be eaten. Some will drink so much baiju that they will forget the week altogether. Read more

Inside – China’s Exclusive SNS

For almost as long as records have existed being a member of an exclusive club or organisation has been the preserve of the rich elite around the world. As well as giving them access to people and resources, it makes them feel privileged and provides an ideal way to flaunt their wealth among their super-rich peers. In other words somewhere to show off. Read more

Hong Kong Cell Carriers Complicit in Chinese Censorship

A friend of mine noticed something odd while visiting Hong Kong last weekend. Despite Hong Kong not being subject to the heavy internet blocks and censorship on the mainland he still couldn’t get Facebook or Twitter to work on his iPhone (which had international roaming turned on). Hong Kong residents using one of the local providers don’t face any such restrictions and after testing out a few different apps as well as making sure the sites worked fine on a normal laptop we began to become suspicious. Read more