From November 2006

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

Yesterday began like any other day – I got up, had breakfast, went to work, did work stuff… then watched 3 nondescript mute blue men in an epically surreal theatrical production (you may remember them from the Intel Ads a few years ago). I’m really not quite sure how to describe it, I guess it’s a form of performance art – combining music, lighting, paint, food, comedy and a whole lot of loo roll (needs to be seen to be understood!).

The Blue Man Group is nothing new, having been formed in the 1980’s in New York, and on one level could be taken as a satire on modern life, however some critics are not so kind – “what was once an edgy critique of contemporary art and society, as seen through the baffled, innocent eyes of a trio of mute (and mutating) alien figures, is now a piece of consumerist culture itself“. They have a valid point but it’s still an extremely uplifting euphoric experience and if you come out smiling then I guess that’s the main thing!

BTW… if you’ve not already seen the new 007 movie be sure not to miss it – definitely the best Bond film in a long time. Those who hurled all the abuse earlier on must be eating their hats around now!

Container City

Tucked away on a former buoy manufacturing site opposite the Millennium Dome lies Trinity Buoy Wharf, a “site for artistic and cultural activities”. On a cold but bright Saturday afternoon I took a short DLR train trip down there to take a look around. To my surprise the place was dead – not a living soul in sight bar the odd seagull – however this didn’t stop me having a look around and taking a few photos 🙂

Container City II


Container City II

Fatboy\'s Diner


The Riverside Building

Growth & Power

The area boasts London’s only lighthouse, plenty of fresh air and possibly most interestingly Container City – two unique looking buildings made of re-purposed shipping containers (very eco-friendly etc). Whilst it doesn’t take long to look around it is well worth a visit if you’re nearby.

Reality Synthesis

Sony Cell Processor

So the new Sony Playstation 3 has a ‘Reality Synthesizer‘, ‘Synergistic Processing Unit’, ‘Cell Broadband Engine‘ and an ‘Emotion Engine’. This thing may have “more than the total number of transistors in both the central processing units and the graphics processing units of the three leading current-generation systems, combined” but I think their naming convention is pushing it a bit!! Show me this thing driving a Star Trek style holodeck and I might believe you otherwise “creating a real time world in real time” is nothing but a marketing gimmick. Still, it does sound quite cool and the cell processor looks pretty amazing up close!

Funnily enough I’ve never brought a gaming console before, and have no plans to in the future, although the Nintendo Wii looks kind of neat but something tells me the novelty would wear off after about 5 minutes!

I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok

I'm A Cyborg, But That`s Ok

… is the unlikely title for Park Chan-wook’s next film about a mental patient who believes she is a robot (seriously). After his infamous revenge trilogy (Old Boy, SfLV) it certainly seems like a change of pace for the uncompromising director but considering the savage content of his prior work this should be a walk in the park!

There are some obvious parallels to be drawn between Park Chan-wook and Quentin Tarantino who might be accused of putting style before substance and being overly exploitative but considering that film is a visual medium in the first place isn’t that part of the experience?

I'm A Cyborg, But That`s Ok

I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen it but based what we’ve seen in the past it’s bound to be one to watch! Check out the trailer and the funky official site (in Korean but don’t miss the amazing design).

Ramp Off!

Working for an American company obviously brings with it the inevitable Americanisms; we ramp up, deliver on, roll off, sync up and occasionally write dates in the wrong order! The worrying part is, as an Englishman, when you find yourself using them to people not in the loop (“What do you mean we have to ‘de-train’ at the next stop?“)!! I’m sure Jacques Chirac might have a thing-or-two to say about this but such is globalisation. In the end you can never replace the true Queens English! Just my two cents worth 😉

All that was just a long-winded way of saying my project finished yesterday – at least for now I can exhale! With this comes many advantages – sleep, weekends, sanity… to name but a few! Yes, life is good.

P.s. If things look a little messed up around here briefly it’s because I’m testing out some new site designs – watch this space!