Container City

Tucked away on a former buoy manufacturing site opposite the Millennium Dome lies Trinity Buoy Wharf, a “site for artistic and cultural activities”. On a cold but bright Saturday afternoon, I took a short DLR train trip down there to take a look around. To my surprise the place was dead – not a living soul in sight bar the odd seagull – however, this didn’t stop me from having a look around and taking a few photos 🙂

Container City II
Fatboy\'s Diner
The Riverside Building
Growth & Power

The area boasts London’s only lighthouse, plenty of fresh air and possibly most interestingly Container City – two unique looking buildings made of re-purposed shipping containers (very eco-friendly etc). Whilst it doesn’t take long to look around it is well worth a visit if you’re nearby.

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  1. I would love to be there

    I’ve seen this Container building in Berlin some month ago.

    Container buildings are a fascinating part of modern architecture. Maybe even of future Architecture.
    in particular in times of “green movement”


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