2 Minutes in Beijing

Below is a short video I put together from shots I took during my trip to Beijing last week. It’s nothing fancy but hopefully can give those who’ve not visited a small taste of the grandeur of some of the main sites there. As the country’s cultural and historic centre, Beijing is not to be missed if you visit China and is a good place begin exploring the country as a whole (although somewhat misleading if you expect the rest of it to be like this).

I’ve not had much time to pay attention to the technicalities of shooting video yet but hope to improve in the future. Like taking good photos it needs time and patience which are often lacking when you’re travelling with others hence why I sometimes prefer to go alone. In this way, you also have a bit more space to soak up the atmosphere and go at your own pace although in general, I’d prefer to share the experience with others.


…whilst for most the scenery is spectacular for others it was nothing special!

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  1. i loved this!

    most videos are either very artsy and, while conveying the historic and artistic nature of the sights, give a skewed impression of what one would experience there, or very touristy, showing the visitor’s direct experience but losing the overall feeling the actual places.

    this is video is very close to what i remember. i even like that you left the sound of the people under the music.

    well done.

    i’m wondering if i can embed this on my blog and provide, of course, a link back here?

    1. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I think most visitors to China don’t usually anticipate the shear volume of people that you’re likely to encounter when visiting the main sites on an average day so I feel this gives a more accurate reflection, if not quite so artistically executed!

      You would be more than welcome to embed the video on your site.


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