Gazing Into The Night

10pm in the Futian district of Shenzhen taken from the roof of a 33 story apartment block which a guard kindly let me climb out onto (in China there are no “health and safety” laws… that people follow anyway). They came out surprisingly well considering they were taken by a shaky hand without a tripod.

Night Life

There is something magical about the night in such densely packed cities where man has built upwards towards the heavens. Thousands of lights twinkle against the skyline as if indicating their inhabitants very existence within the controlled chaos of urban dwelling in China.

City Arteries

As if arteries in some enormous autonomous monster even the roads and highways take on a life of their own at night ferrying the lifeblood of the city from A to B in a never ending continuum. All we need is for the cars to take to the skies and we’d be living in Blade Runner

Blade Runner Night

Considering the film was set in 2019 it’s not all that far off from what could be reality very soon but something tells me we need to solve the energy/environmental/financial crisis before we can all own flying cars!


  1. Rebecca says:

    Nice pictures,really cool.BTW,where is the location,where is 33 story apartment?

    • David says:

      Wow, now that is a great night shot. Thanks for sharing. Care to share any tips about getting to the top of skyscrapers? My usual technique is just to walk in casually and fain innocence if I get stopped “wo bu dong!” 🙂

      • Jesse says:

        thats a good one. i usually just walk in like i own the place and don’t look back. take the elevator to the top, find the emergency stairwell, and walk up until you reach the top and hope the door is unlocked.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi David,you always pretend you dont know Chinese,dangerous man,we should be careful,hahaha=P

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