Last weekend I took a trip to York, a historic city in the north of England. Being nearly 2000 years old there is plenty of interest to see and do if you enjoy a bit of culture (and don’t mind walking!). Last weekend the weather was particularly mild and almost spring-like for this time of year in the UK (around 10 deg C) which made it even nicer and not bad conditions for taking a few photos!


Whilst you could probably spend a good week exploring if you only have a day or two here are some places of note:

  • York Minster – the second-largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, incredibly beautiful both inside and out
  • Castle Museum – a surprisingly good museum with a reconstructed victorian street & shops
  • Clifford’s Tower – remains of the castle fortification with a long history and great views over York
  • City Walls – first built during Roman times very enjoyable walks can be had along its remaining sections
  • The Shambles – a medieval street in the heart of the city which transports you back to another time

The official website has a lot more info. I forgot to take a map with me but found my iPhone more than adequate for finding my way around, especially with the new pseudo-GPS location feature.


More photos.

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  1. Thanks Chris – I thought they came out quite well considering they were all hand-held (as usual). The ones in York Minster were taken mid-afternoon so I guess I was lucky!

  2. Hi Simon – if you're referring to who I think you are then no – I didn't even know she was there!

  3. Chris avatar

    Lovely pics of York – looks as though you were there quite early – the light was really nice. The interiors of York Minster also very good – must have been a nice trip!

  4. Very nice. York is one of the places i'd like to visit. Did you meet up with the lovely Miss M while you were there?


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