Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk Cycle Trail

I’ve not been able to get out nearly as much as I would like to have in the last couple of weeks, however, I did have a chance to go cycling in the New Territories of Hong Kong recently along a popular trail which goes from Tai Wai (大圍) to Tai Mei Tuk (大美督), a paved 20-kilometre path that provides some stunning harbour front views and passes by temples and parks.

Cycling Along Shing Mun River

The trail starts at Tai Wai MTR station where you can rent a bike for around HKD $70 (cheaper on weekdays) at one of the small shops right outside the station. You may remember from an earlier post that there are a number of historic walled villages nearby that are worth a visit as you pass by.

Shing Mun River Channel

The trail runs parallel to the Shing Mun River (城門河) before opening out to the Tolo Harbour (吐露港) and passing by the Science Park at around the halfway point. It was a bit of an overcast day so my photos don’t really do the views justice.

Pat Sin Leng Mountain Range

After cycling through Tai Wo Market (太和墟) or alternatively Tai Po Waterfront Park (大埔海濱公園) the eight peaks of the Pat Sin Leng (八仙嶺) mountain range rises into view in spectacular fashion. There are plenty of places to stop for a drink or a bite to eat along the route.

Cycling to Tai Mei Tuk

Don’t let the mountains put you off – the cycle trail is almost entirely flat and physically separated from the roads. The only thing you’ll need to be careful of is other cyclists when it gets a bit busy at weekends. I passed two people who had been involved in collisions along the route.

Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk Cycle Trail

The final stretch toward Tai Mei Tuk takes you through some pleasant leafy avenues until you reach your destination where you are rewarded with beautiful views over the Plover Cove Reservoir (船灣淡水湖). Most of the bike shops allow you to return your bikes there.

Sunset From Tai Mei Tuk

The entire ride takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours (map) and further details can be found on HK Magazine Online. Highly recommended for all.

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    We are heading to Hong Kong in a couple weeks. We have been before but never done any cycling in Hong Kong, only in Shenzhen. We have kids so we are wondering if there are bikes with kids seats attached at the bike rental shops near Tai Wai MTR exit A? Please let me know if you have any information regarding this. Thanks so much!!


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